The Hospital was taken over by the Federal Government and converted to Federal Medical Centre in 1991. As a department, Administration is as old as the Hospital and is headed by the Head of Administration. So far it has been headed by Sir F. A. Ukpai, Mrs. R. Efuribe, Mr. Amaizu, Okezie Chijioke and presently Ekpemu Rowland.

  1. Functions:

    1. Assist the Medical Director in the day to day running of the Hospital.
    2. Ensures that the administrative machinery of the hospital runs very efficiently and effectively utilizing both human and material          resources.
    3. Ensures that the Public Service Rules & other Extant Laws are adhered to and implemented in a manner that would enhance service delivery.
    4. Co-ordinate the activities of support services.
    5. Advise and implement all decisions and policies as they affect the Hospital.
    6. The Head of Administration is the Secretary to Management Board.