Account department is one of the departments in Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia and is presently headed by a Director (Finance) in the person of Mr. Aneke M. C.

The department is as old as the centre. However, the centre was not self-accounting until 1997. This was due to lack of required qualified account personnel. Payments are made through Federal Pay Office (FPO) Umuahia until the employment of qualified accountants in 1997.

Since then, it has been effective and efficient in the business of sourcing, investing, managing, accounting and reporting of the hospital fund and fund related activities.

We cannot complete the history of the department without mentioning the pioneer heads of the department – Mr. OtiNweze and Mr Onyia Leonard.

The accounts department of the Federal Medical Centre Umuahia is made up of sixteen (16) units and each unit is headed by experienced and professionally qualified accountants. However, these sixteen (16) units are grouped into six(6) sections that are headed by Assistant Directors (Finance).

The flow of information and its activities is from the unit head to the sectional head and then to the head of department and vice versa.