The Department of Psychiatry was created on the 15th of March, 2013.It was previously a Unit under the Department of Internal Medicine. It is noteworthy that the hospital has been providing mental health services since it was established. Between 1964 and 1967, the eminent Psychiatrist Late Dr Ariwodo Kalunta maintained an outpatient mental health clinic in Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

In 2000, outpatient mental health services in our hospital was revived, inpatient services was reorganized, and a dedicated PsychiatryWard was created. This was accomplished and sustained by Dr (Mrs) Kamelagha and Dr (Mrs) Gloria Okorocha respectively.

Today, the Department has two Consultant Psychiatrist, one Clinical Psychologist and provides a wide range ofmodernclinical psychiatric services.

We are committed to the training of specialists in psychiatry, as well as providing psychiatry training for resident doctors in family medicine, internal medicine, community medicine and allied professionals. We also serves as a collaboration and resource center for community psychiatry and forensic psychiatry in Abia State.