Medical Records Department Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, is as old as FMC Umuahia itself and among the pioneer department in the hospital. The pioneer head of department was Mr. Nwokocha while Mrs. Ezeokoro Jane is currently the head of the department. The department at present has 36 staff in her nominal roll, with 14 units covering the services of both inpatients and outpatients. There are lots of ongoing transformation in the department recently especially on areas of monitoring and Evaluation, Electronic Health Records and use of DHIS platform, more of this transformation is at NHIS unit and in HIV/AIDS programme of the hospital, and will soon be scale up to all other units of the department. Our core mandate is “Quality Health Information Management for all” and our focus is to remain with the current trends in healthcare delivery system.

At least 80% computerization of the department by the year 2018 with real time electronic medical records, to support and promote advance clinical care, research and training.

Ensure accurate documentation of patient at all level of clinical care, support backlog patient data entry to build a strong and real time electronic data base for the hospital, provide accurate data for effective clinical research and as well building a strong monitoring and Evaluation system to track adherence to contemporary healthcare practice.