BROAD OBJECTIVE is to ensure valid diagnosis and effective treatment of infectious diseases.

Specific Objectives:

1. Consistent detection of infections, most of which are amenable to routine laboratory workflow.
2. Consistent detection of infections that are amenable only to specialized laboratory workflow
3. Review of challenging infectious disease cases among out-patients and in-patients.
4. Control of health-care associated infections.

Structural Units:

1. Main (routine) laboratory
2. Infectious Disease Research Laboratory
3. Microbiology Clinic
4. Infection Control Unit
5. Routine and Molecular Mycobacteriology Unit

Staff Categories:

1. Consultant Clinical Microbiologists or Infectious Disease Pathologists
2. Resident Clinical Microbiologists
3. Infection Control Nurses
4. Laboratory Scientists
5. Laboratory Technicians
6. Laboratory Assistants
7. Laboratory Interns