The department is primarily concerned with the use of clinical chemistry to aid diagnosis and treatment.

The department provides comprehensive biochemical diagnostic and clinical services via the following avenues:

1. Analysis of biochemical parameters in biological fluids/ interpretation
2. Pathologist consultations/clinical reviews.
All done on routine and emergency basis.

The department also trains many cadre of staff namely:

1. Pathology residents and clinically based residents on laboratory medicine short postings
2. Medical lab scientists on internship
3. Medical lab technician students on industrial training

Staff Position / Strength:
Consultant – 1
Visiting consultant – 1
Director of medical lab services – 1
Specialist registrar – 1
Medical lab scientists – 5
Medical lab technicians – 2
Medical lab assistants – 3

The department is currently headed by Dr Adizua Uchenna C. MBBS FWACP, a consultant chemical pathologist and metabolic physician.