Health Minister Visits FMC Umuahia

During  an official visit  of  Hon. Minister for Health  Professor Isaac  Adewole to the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia , Abia State on 25th January , 2017.

The Hon. Minister for Health  Professor  Isaac  Adewole had appreciated the MD Dr. Abali Chuku  for his outstanding leadership and quest for excellence which has led to the massive transformation of the institution in area of training,capacity building and state of the art medical facilities.

Describing him as one of the best MD in Nigeria, the Hon. Minister for Health  Professor Isaac  Adewole commended his imagination, innovativeness and quest for excellence. “All the things you are doing, all the training and capacity building are the things you find in Teaching Hospitals, affiliated to a University. But here you are. It shows you have a lot to offer and you can go places”.

Prof. Adewole while auditing the surgeries carried out under Mr. President’s Rapid Result Initiative, thanked Dr. Ezeonwumelu who he described as a  star surgeon for an outstanding work.

According to Prof. Isaac Adewole, Dr. Ezeonwumelu and the entire  team has done very well by queuing to the vision of the President with respect to caring for the poor, the less endowed and less privileged in the society through the Rapid Result  Initiative (RRI).

The Health Minister urged the star surgeon to reach out to other junior doctors, impart knowledge to them and ensure they are trained, as shared knowledge is mortal knowledge and that is the way to protect the generation.

A total of 120 surgeries and 20 refractions and glasses were carried out by the Federal medical Centre Umuahia free to indigent patients under the RRI.

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